To The Capitalists:

I have a question for conservative pundits regarding the theory that if we free up businesses by reducing their tax burden it will put more money in the economy by creating jobs and therefore putting more money out there for consumers to spend.

My question is:

If we were to do this, reduce taxes on businesses and reduce regulation of those businesses in America, would the corporations actually respond by creating those jobs and passing on the profits to the employees of their businesses or would they tighten their wallets and walk away fat and happy because they have more profit, and less tax liability?

I ask this because it seems to be the more likely scenerio.  Most major businesses take the worker and consumer for everything they have and invest the money in the important people at the top, not give the worker/consumer a break on their cost and invest the money in the folks at the bottom who work very hard to make the product that is sold for a generous profit.

As an American who has to make do with very little while paying off student loans and car loans and just barely paying my rising utility bills, mortgage, insurance, fuel for two cars, and the miscellaneous and sundry expenses that are required for survival, I feel as if I am being taken advantage of by all of the companies that I must pay money to for the things that I need.

I have cut my budget to the bare necessities, my husband and I don’t go out very often.  Our date night consists of a movie from Netflix and home-made pizza, a rare luxury because I have to remember to make the dough ahead of time.  We both wear clothes that have holes and I have to be cajoled into purchasing new bras and underwear due to the expense.  At one point last year I had to insist that my dear husband go to Old Navy and buy himself two new pairs of jeans, the first he’s bought since I met him in 2004, for the record that’s 7 years without a new pair.  I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes to replace my worn out ones in well over a year, and the first shoe purchase I plan on making is for a new pair of work shoes, because they are no longer slip resistant, and for my job I cannot emphasize enough how important that trait is.  I haven’t had a haircut in nearly a year, and I color my hair at home, Revlon being my colorist, I do so on a tight budget.  My dogs get their baths at home as well as their inoculations, the derision of the veterenarian as I shun them for everything but an emergency and they make me feel guilty for it.  I have not seen a doctor for anything except a nasty bout of bronchitis 2 years ago, for that I paid out-of-pocket because at the time I was not covered by insurance.

So capitalists, you owners of the companies that we all work for, you magnates and entrepreneurs, you venture capitalists that have money to invest, what I am looking for is a simple answer to a simple question.  If we small time tax payers, give you a break, will you pass it on?  Or will you pocket the return, continuing to send jobs overseas, continuing to take advantage of low-income workers by offering nothing in the way of benefits or full-time jobs?

Will you continue to subvert law by only hiring part-time labor so that you don’t have to offer meal breaks, vacation time, insurance benefits, or promotions?  Will you continue to lay off experienced workers so that you can hire younger employees because you can pay them less and offer them less as well?

Will you continue to require the work of two be done by one, asking salaried employees to work 10 extra hours a week because you don’t have to pay them that extra money in overtime?  Will you do all those nasty tricky little things to hard-working families who are already stretched thin, who are worried about their job security, who will work the extra hours for the assurance that they will continue to have a job, or will you continue to take advantage, and blackmail employees into compliance with the ever-changing rules of employment and compensation?

Because as long as you are given sway, given the legal wiggle room, I think you will continue to take advantage of those who toe the line and do just what you ask.  And the workers, they don’t have the opportunity to speak out much because our representitives are working for the big corporations as much as we are.  Everyone has a representitive in Washington except the people, a sad fact considering that we are supposed to be a Democratic Republic, of the people, by the people and for the people.  But now it seems that it is:  Of the career politicians, by the lobyists, for the corporations and banks.

Please corporate heads, and free market enthusiasts, let well enough alone and quit meddling in politics, quit adjusting and monitizing and once and for all give us a break.

Comments? Questions? Arguments? Let me know.


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