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Learning to say “No”.

Many problems that arise in this constantly connected world of ours come from the lack of boundaries.  Whether it is a parent with a bratty child that he or she cannot seem to control long enough for a peaceful trip to the grocery store, or uncontrolled spending by bureaucrats who forget where the money comes from.  We as a nation need to learn to say “no” and mean it.

Say No To Media Intrusion

There are so many things that need to change, but it starts at home, just like everything else.  Our behavior needs to change, we need to use less, create more, and turn off the sound of the bleating media that surrounds us.  We need to form opinions on our own, rather than listen to the hype of CNN, FOX, CNBC, HLN, and all of the entertainment/reality BS that is regularly regurgitated as news. Put down your cell phone, actually turn it off occasionally, walk away from your computer, tablet, or e-reader, pick up a book, or take a walk.  You will find that the less connected you are, the more connected you will be.

Say No To Yourself

What?  You mean we have free will and the ability to choose?  The next time you need to make an excuse to do something, ask yourself if you REALLY deserve it.  Self-control is not self-denial.  We are far too indulgent a people.  We don’t have savings accounts, but we do have HD-DVR-LCD-Wide Format-3D-Blueray-Digital everything.  We have raised our standard of living, but not the standards by which we live.  Do you really need to spend $2000 on a TV or vacation?

Say No to Politicians

The next time you hear a campaign ad (which is often now that it’s election season). Think to yourself about how you are treated by the people who are asking for your vote.  These people (on a national level more than local level) are asking you to put them on the public salary, they are inviting themselves into your home to be your benevolent ruler, they are pandering to your emotions, they are in essence interviewing for a job that you have the right to give or deny them.  Are these men and women answering your questions?  Would you hire them if they didn’t? 

We need to think about it that way if we want to get anywhere, if we are their employer, if we are the people who review their performance and let them continue on the road to fame or infamy then we need to rigorously quiz and question their every motive.  We need to be sure that our best interest is at the heart of their quest for office.  Think about it, we the people are struggling to survive, businesses are closing, homes are being foreclosed upon, jobs are being lost, families are drowning in debt, and yet our government survives.  It not just survives, it thrives!  Doesn’t that make you angry, don’t you get steamed just thinking that our social security program is floundering, and we have no good options for health care, but your government officials don’t have to worry about it because they’re all taken care of by a different system? 

It’s time to say NO!!!  Stop letting everyone control you and your best interest.  Stop letting all of these things take advantage of your distracted attention. Stop and have a thought that is actually your own, quit repeating (ad nauseam) the talking points of political parties and pundits and find a stance that is all about you, think about what you say, then own it!

Say no, and then begin to reshape your world.



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