Writing The Revolution: About “jenrulestheworld”

Hello readers, I am Jen.  A couple of quick points before you make any assumptions:

  1. I do not want to rule the world.  I know that the title implies that I am the megalomaniac, power hungry type.  Not true.  By my nature I am not a leader, I am a follower.  A great henchman you could say.  I have some good ideas, but when it comes down to putting them into action I’m a shrinking violet.  I have trouble finding the beginning of it all and lighting the fuse.  You need charisma for that sort of thing and I am not equipped with that particular toolbox.
  2. Why “jenrulestheworld”, then?  Well firstly, in the only journalism class I ever took while obtaining my expensive, and thus far useless B.A., I learned that an attention grabbing headline is the trick to getting people to want to read your story, so yet another person wanting to rule the world equates to 1 possible reader.  Really this is about the changes that I would make to the world I live in, the USA.  What I suggest may apply to other places on the planet but in particular I have hopes of making my country a better place to live and thrive.  I want to write a revolution.
  3. Why should you keep reading?  I’ll leave that up to you.  I have been called “logical to a fault” by someone whose opinion I truly respect and who has known me for years.  In my idle hours I am constantly thinking of ways to change everything for the better.  If one removes emotion from a problem the solution becomes more clear.  Perhaps something I have written rings true to you.  Whatever the reason, thank you for reading , I hope you stick around for more.



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