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Quit Messing With My Stories. . .

Just a few days ago I posted regarding cutting the cable cord in favor of an internet only approach, then a friend recommended that I read a letter written by someone I regard as one of the funniest comedians around:  Eugene Mirman.

Here it is:

Eugene Mirman on Time Warner Cable

Now, I find that my favorite cable TV show, Syfy’s Eureka has been canceled, just because one giant cable company (Comcast) has decided that it sits too heavily on their profit line.  I don’t want to believe that we are heading in the direction predicted by the movie Idiocracy, but really that is the end we are destined for.  I am not saying that the fate of the world hinges on whether or not they continue to produce Eureka, but their ratings are going to depend upon wrestling and reality television to keep them afloat.

I like intelligent well thought out television (Is there such a thing?).  Happily there have been a few gems that I come to depend upon to provide that.  Mythbusters is up at the top of that list, along with a few sitcoms 30 Rock, and Big Bang Theory follow close behind.  I am a geek from my head past my toenails and deep to the roots of that which ties me to this earth, I deserve some programs that cater to that.  Eureka hits the spot.  But I’m not going to pay a cable company to bring it to me, and they’re playing hardball when it comes to access.  Just a couple of weeks ago it was available on Hulu, now you have to wait until the end of the season to see any of it.  Comcast. . .I am flipping you the bird, but you don’t care, you have millions who will pay you regardless of whether you continue to produce this one show, just because they think that they can’t live life without cable TV.  (Bronx Salutes to you all!)

You don’t care about the viewer though and this decision proves it, just remember that the bottom line isn’t the only line.  Viewers and cable subscribers can draw lines too, and eventually we will put you at the back of one.  So far a small percentage of people have abandoned cable, and with the help of the Comcast treachery perhaps many more will do the same.  It’s time we stand up to the all mighty dollar and say to these a**holes that control what we get to see that entertainment is not always about how much money you make or spend it’s about the satisfaction of those who put that money in your pocket, and when you displease us, we will cut off your allowance.  Unfortunately there are few people out there who know what good TV really is.  They like to be spoon fed poisonous crap that reduces the intelligence of the average person by a good 70 or 80 points and lets face it, many don’t have those points to spare.

I know that somewhere out there fans are putting together an effort to keep Eureka going, maybe Syfy will see fit to sell the show to another network, if they know that it is worth continuing, like giving a baby up for adoption, it’s life will be better with a different family.  I hope that there is resistance, I hope that viewers fight for what they like, but most of all without Eureka, I hope that Comcast smothers in a pit of its own offal.


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