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Cutting The Cord

Okay, so a couple of years ago I asked myself a question and came up with an answer that lead me to where I am today.  Here  it is:

Why do I pay so much of my precious income to pay for cable TV?

Here is the way that the thought developed:  I was listening to the radio one morning while I was baking, my local public radio station was doing their pledge drive and I decided to pledge.  I had a little bit of money to spare, I listen to public radio frequently and I wanted them to remain on the air so they could continue to bring content to the area, commercial free.  If I were a business owner, I would underwrite, what a great way to spread the word!  I enjoy commercial free anything and I am willing to pay a little extra to have that convenience, so why is the cable bill with all the extras (phone, speedy internet) leveling off at $145.00 per month, and still I have to watch those damn commercials?

So as the thought occurred to me that I was paying to watch advertisements and that, at best, I watched only about 10 percent of what I was paying for I decided to cut the cable cord.  This wasn’t easy of course, and not because I would miss TV, but because there is another person in my home who is a regular TV addict.  I had to convince him that we would be better off without the TV and Phone part of the deal.  It was a lot like saying that nothing that he does on a regular basis is worth the money. . . this includes the regular football season and college football and though he’s not a rabid fan, the first season game for the Gators was practically a Holiday, but regional coverage gets him raging here in the Mid-Atlantic where we have enough college football to choke a line-backer!

Once I made the money argument it was easier.  Our wallets were lighter due to job loss and a number of other things. The easiest cut to make was cable TV, once that decision was made life became less expensive.  If I hanker for TV, I turn to Hulu.  For movies and older TV we have Netflix streaming courtesy of the PS3.  In the bargain, I have the peace of mind that advertisers aren’t getting my attention they way they would like, and I have plenty of entertainment from the internet and the dogs.

The other thing that came out of this is that I learned that TV isn’t that important, it’s a habit like any other habit.  Once you break the pull it has on your life it’s easy to forget that you thought you had to have it in the first place.  The house is much quieter without the TV on all of the time, and there is energy savings as well.

If you are thinking of giving this a try, I say do it.  There is an entire generation out there that is experiencing life without TV, I think the world would be a better place without it, and not only that but you can have that warm feeling that washes over you when you realize that one less outside force has control over your life, and that you have successfully taken that part of your life back!

I look forward to hearing what everyone else has to say, by all means comment away!


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