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Ubiquitous Misogyny

Misogyny:  Hatred of women. (As defined by Merriam-Webster:  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/misogyny?show=0&t=1328715060 ).

I am here right now to stand up for Women.  We are being subjugated in ways that are down right primitive and medieval.  Our ability to direct our own lives has become political bait for those who believe they have a right to dictate which services are available to women. Women have nothing but our words to protect us, our ability to argue whether an outside force has the right to dictate what choices we have in regard to ideas as personal as childbearing, health screenings, choice of doctor and hospital, contraception, and surgery.

I am here to ask that this misogyny coming from both men and women end now.  The religious right is trying to take my rights from me.  They want to wear MY womb, the one that I was born with, the one which causes me daily trouble, as iron clad armor against ME and against you!

Nobody, again; NO ONE but I, or my husband, has any right to say what can or cannot be done to MY body.  I own it out and out, I have the RIGHT to do with it as I please.  I can tattoo it, scar it, fatten it up or slim it down AS I PLEASE.  I have the RIGHT to make it bear children or not.  I have the RIGHT to control when it bears children, and the RIGHT to not bear any children at all.  I have the RIGHT to medical services which protect my health and wellbeing.  I have the RIGHT to do whatever I choose to do.  However; there are some who believe they have the RIGHT to dictate what services are available for me to choose from. 

Until recently I was uninsured, there were only a few options for me when it came to my health care.  My insurance was staying healthy, not getting pregnant, and avoiding contagion when I could.  I went to Planned Parenthood for yearly exams, and birth control, by no means was it a complete health plan but because of their reasonable costs I had control over this one aspect of my health care.  Thank the stars they were there when I needed them, they should be there for further generations, the future of woman’s health care is bleak and they are a guiding light in the darkness for the millions of women who need their services.

For those who do not agree, I am not asking you to read this post.  I am not asking that you give your precious money to organizations that do not agree with your values or which you believe to be morally wrong.  If you don’t like Planned Parenthood do not use their services, if you believe that women have no right to make decisions about their own lives then that’s how you are, I cannot change you, I don’t want to, however you have NO right to make those same decisions for me.  Understand this:  You do not have any right to set the standards by which I guide MY life.

On that note, women everywhere need to understand that the choices that they make are now fodder for public scrutiny.  This is not right, but as a woman you must be responsible for the decisions that you make in regard to your health and well being.  You cannot stand firm against something without making the choice to be responsible for yourself.  Take care that you USE the birth control that is available to you, take care that you get the attention that you need to stay healthy.  Be responsible for yourself first and you will never need to worry about others opinions.


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